3 Ways To Keep Your Dumpster Rental Costs Under Control

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3 Ways To Keep Your Dumpster Rental Costs Under Control

29 August 2017
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When doing a major home remodel, one of the best ways to get rid of unnecessary debris is via a dumpster rental. A dumpster rental is a great way to ensure that all the debris that is created from your project is picked up and removed right away. Make sure that you keep your dumpster rental costs under control by following the three easy tips below.

#1 Have A Level Surface For The Dumpster

Make sure that you have a level surface for the garbage company to drop off the dumpster. It needs to be an area that is easy for a large truck to access and is also as flat and level as possible. Be sure to measure out the area where you want the dumpster ahead of time to ensure that you have enough level space for it.

If the truck can't access the area, you may be charged for a drop-off that didn't happen. If the area is not level, the garbage company is going to have to go through extra steps preparing and stabilizing the dumpster, which will cost you extra.

#2 Be Careful What You Throw Away

Not all the debris that you create from your major home remodel can be thrown in the dumpster. There are certain materials that have to be disposed of in a certain manner. Items such as paint and stains are prohibited items. Any items that may be contaminated with asbestos also have to go through a special disposal process.

Be sure to ask what items you can't put in the dumpster. Copy the list and post it around your home and on the dumpster to ensure that no one throws away a prohibited item. Have a special trash or area for prohibited items so you can make sure that they are disposed of properly later.

If you do put these items in your dumpster, and the dumpster company finds them when emptying out your dumpster, you could face steep costs for the proper disposal of these items.

#3 Check The Weight

As you load up the dumpster, make sure to evenly distribute the weight of the items, and stop when you get close to the fill line. Going over the fill line will make the dumpster unsafe for the dumpster company to haul away. It will also result in additional fines and costs for you.

If your dumpster is getting full, it is best to call for it to get hauled away and rent another dumpster for the remainder of your waste. This can be a smaller dumpster if you don't have that much waste left. Renting a small dumpster for the rest of your waste is more cost effective compared to paying the fines for going over the weight and size limitations of your dumpster. For more information, contact a business such as Pro Star Roll Off Dumpsters.